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Article Category Content Marketing

Content Marketing Articles

  Article Category Added: Wed, 04 Feb 2015
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Blogging Articles in Content Marketing

How a Freelance Writer Can Help You With Writing Blogs

Article Category: Content Marketing

A freelance writer can help you with writing blogs in many different ways. Many bloggers fail because their posts are not written well enough. There can be many reasons for that.

Successful Content Marketing: How to Grab Reader Attention Within the First 10 Seconds

Article Category: Content Marketing

Grabbing your readers' attention within the first ten seconds is not easy to achieve - it takes so many elements to appeal to your reader with effective content marketing and keep them engaged over the course of time.

3 Ways To Promote Each And Every Blog Post You Create

Article Category: Content Marketing

You have a blog and you have cranked out the blog posts week after week and you still don't seem to get the traffic you want. A lot of people think that if they create the content then people will find them but the truth is, the search engines are inundated with content that all wants promoting so you cannot afford to wait for them to discover you. Realize that creating the content is just one part of the process. You need to also promote the content or else no one else will see it.

Why Using Customized Content Is Beneficial for Your Brand

Article Category: Content Marketing

You have heard the expression, "Content Is King" many times and you may truly understand it and believe it to be true or you may not quite get why content is so important to your professional success. Well, it is through your content that you build your credibility, trustworthiness, and you position yourself as a subject matter expert (SME). However, you must remember that it isn't enough to simply share content. It must be customized to fit the needs of your online connections.

Tips for Successful Content Marketing

Article Category: Content Marketing

When it comes to using content marketing for your business, there are many different tricks and tools that you can use to get the most out of the experience. No matter what type of business you own, content marketing is probably a part of it.

A New Approach to Creating Amazing Blogs

Article Category: Content Marketing

You may be writing content for business and, no doubt, you work very hard at making that content the best that it can possibly be. Once you have perfected your content, really polished it to a shiny gloss, you publish it and syndicate it to relevant groups and other people and places. So, what is the reaction from your target audience?

Which is Better? Positive or Negative Content

Article Category: Content Marketing

What makes you click more? "The Worst Ways You Can Fail at Marketing," or "10 Of the Best Marketing Practices You Should Be Using Today". Ah, the psychology behind good web content.

12 Tools for Brainstorming Blog Content

Article Category: Content Marketing

Brainstorming the best content ideas for your blog isn't always easy, but it doesn't have to be as difficult as you think. There are a number of tools for every aspect of the brainstorming process. Want to know exactly what people are searching for on the web? Looking for a way to compile the best sources to use? Or are you simply looking for the best communities to draw inspiration from? Here are 12 of the best tools out there for finding things to blog about.

Simple Solutions to Generate Fresh Content For Your Blog

Article Category: Content Marketing

If there is one common issue that people in the blogosphere constantly struggle with, it would be generating fresh content. That's not exactly breaking news, right? If you are a blogger like me, then you have definitely dealt with this issue at some point. Luckily in this article, I intend to share with you how I have successfully handled this problem for my blog.

Content Creation Tools to Develop Powerful Content

Article Category: Content Marketing

By now, it is no secret at all that content is king, and that emphasis is only poised to grow throughout 2015. In fact, a few years ago Google published a study which proved that the annual growth rate of content to be approximately 200% per year. With the astonishing growth in content that is produced, organizations scramble to generate unique, useful, and quality content at a rate that has never been seen before.

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