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When You Need To Start Your WordPress Blog

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When You Need To Start Your WordPress Blog

When You Need To Start Your WordPress Blog Blogging Fusion Blog Directory
  • Wordpress
  • Monday, April 4, 2016
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What are the first steps when creating a great WordPress blog? Choosing a theme, brainstorming the content, deciding on topics for blog posts and etc. But these are all blogger-oriented steps. What about blog visitors? It might take a while to get devoted visitors who will love the provided content and share it but focusing on your visitors on the earliest stages of the blog development might be the key to your blog success.

We will start with the two most important parts of the site from the user’s viewpoint- the functionality of the site and its design. Good combination of both will not only improve user experience in your site but will also lead to higher ranks in search engines.

Following the strategies below you will be able to create a compelling and useful WordPress blog:

1.Use categories/subcategories and widgets

This applies to every part of the site. If you have posts of various categories create submenus, which will allow user to navigate to the desired piece easily. If you have complex content, create categories or use widgets to display it in a more organized way. User Experience rules state that the site visitor should proceed maximum 3 steps to get to the targeted content. In other words keep it simple and straightforward.

2. Communicate with your visitors

Choose your method of communicating with your site visitors. This can be a blogger’s message to readers or a comment box below the posts. And remember that comments, reviews and ratings should be managed- whenever you receive feedback, you should do your best to respond. If feedback includes suggestion on your topics or content, make changes and include the reasons of changes (thank you note to the contributor) within the post. This will make your blog more trustworthy. In addition you can include social buttons (use one of the social sharing plugins here, e.g. ) which will allow your visitors to spread the word about your site to your potential visitors.

3. Use colors wisely

The main color of the site can be chosen based on your personal taste, but when including multiple colors you should stick to color matching rules. This way website user will not be distracted by too many active colors. As a best tip here you can use visual hierarchy. This term can be explained as the following: “use vivid colors with call to action buttons, active colors for important texts and neutral ones for additional details”.

4. Use Featured Post Sliders

Sometimes the featured posts get lost among the large list of widgets, so it is way better to include the featured posts within a slider. This is also applicable to blog style homepages where the posts appear in chronological order and thus the important posts get “lost”. For this you can try using a WordPress slider plugin. To avoid too much distraction you can add the slider only in homepage within the header.php. You can display a sentence or two from the post and its featured image.

5. Avoid Misleading Headlines

The page and post titles are very important when it comes to getting devoted customers. You will be able to have a large amount of one-time customers who navigate to your site based on an attractive title. But if the post doesn’t reflect the assumable content, the user will no longer read your blog. So keep your titles and content synchronized. Try to keep the track of the posts, which have received more user feedback and stick to the style, topic and etc.

6. Split the Content

What was the most attractive part of this article? Surely- the content split in subheadings. This is an important technique when adding long posts. The users are not reading through long texts which have plain content. It seems boring. Thus you can use two methods to avoid this- using styling and images. The styling can include subheadings, bold or italic words, highlighted text. Or you can include multiple images within the text using them as separators. Visual content always seems to be a great addition to the text. As an alternative you can also divide the text into different parts and add separate posts . e.g. Cool post (Part I), Cool post (II) and etc.

7. Use White Space

Margins, margins and margins again. Sometimes we assume that the content is important and want to display all of it on landing pages. But this will overwhelm your site visitors and they will look for more organized content somewhere else. In contrast, if you offer your visitors a well-spaced text with great font size (12-14pt), the visitors will be more satisfied. In addition it will make the overall appearance more professional and clean.

About The Author:
Sofia -- Having a long term experience in an IT company and not having programming background Sofia started learning a lot and developing skills in web design and development. Then she got her blog and started to share useful info with people like her- just for help. She hopes that her articles will be handy and help readers out when making choices in the amazing WordPress world.

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