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How to Start a Blog on WordPress

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How to Start a Blog on WordPress

How to Start a Blog on WordPress Blogging Fusion Blog Directory

Generally, there are several excellent ways on how to start a blog on WordPress. First of all, it is important that you get a hosting account by choosing a website hosting provider who will store your blog content and have it displayed to visitors. Basic hosting plans are typically enough for beginners. It is essential that you consider trying your best to find a bog host who provides Fantastico and cPanel which are the two specific tools that ensures easy upload of WordPress and management of your blog. You should also take some time to determine the kind of domain name you want to use for your blog and consider buying it from another registrar of your choice or your blog host.

The next step on how to start a blog on WordPress requires that you consider uploading WordPress to your hosting account and have it associated with your domain name. in case your host provides a tool such as Fantastico, it is possible to upload WordPress from your hosting account directly with some few easy click of your mouse and a few more clicks will ensure that you have it associated on the appropriate domain name. It is vital that you check your host's tutorials, help tools and guidelines for specific installation instructions keeping in mind that there are slightly different steps by each host to upload and associate WordPress with the right domain name.

Installing your theme is also a very important step on how to start a blog on WordPress. In case you are in need of using a theme that is absent in the default theme gallery of WordPress, consider uploading to your hosting account and blog. This can easily be done via your WordPress dashboard by choosing appearance, add new themes and upload. You may also consider uploading new themes via your hosting account depending on your preference.

After installing your theme, consider setting up the footer, header and side bar of your blog to make sure that the design of your blog is complete and the information that you want to display on the top, bottom and side of your blog appear as you desire it to be. Other important steps on how to start a blog on WordPress include configuring your setting, making sure that all your comment moderation settings are correctly set up, creating your page and links, writing your posts and installing key WordPress plugins.

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