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Twitter and Google: A Deal to Include Tweets in the SERPS?

Home Twitter and Google: A Deal to Include Tweets in the SERPS?

Twitter and Google: A Deal to Include Tweets in the SERPS?

Twitter and Google: A Deal to Include Tweets in the SERPS? Blogging Fusion Blog Directory

Between 2009 and 2011, tweets first became available for being searched on Google. As 2015 gets underway, word has it that Google and Twitter are planning to revamp their old agreement and improve on it, making tweets fully searchable.

Although the deal has not yet been finalized, this is a pretty good move from Google to reach out to Twitter. Over the last year, Twitter shares have gone up quite a bit, closing at a 15 percent gain in the last quarter alone.

This is testimony to the kind of power that Twitter currently holds and Google realized that the social media giant is a force to be reckoned with.

What Does This Really Mean for Users?

By adding tweets to its organic search function, Google has made it possible to monetize tweets, creating a whole different level of interaction for users. Google has already managed to allow for monetization on YouTube, a wholly owned subsidiary of Google now. If they move forward in this direction it could mean that users will be able to monetize their micro-blogging in the same way they do their regular blogs. The difference is the traffic. Twitter's short-burst, fast-paced conversation means that in a short space of time a lot of tweets can be generated. By including hashtags in the search algorithm, Google can capitalize on the popularity of certain hashtags and direct organic searches to accounts that are most vocal on them. The result would be increased traffic to those users' pages. The opposite is also true, allowing Google to target advertising using Twitter's hashtag system and target the audience they want with the ads that best suit them.

What Does This Really Mean for Businesses?

This integration has some very important ramifications for business users, namely in the field of brand recognition. By integrating tweets into the organic search function Google has made it easier for a business to spread its reach across the Internet. The result is that content posted on Twitter gets twice the chance to go viral and spread awareness of a brand. Additionally, earned and paid content on Twitter will also have a much wider reach, allowing these channels a much wider scope of impact than they currently have. It also allows a company to research how well-mentioned its brand is on Twitter, opening up avenues for a whole range of SEO options. Twitter may be the new frontier of SEO, and in the coming months, we will have to learn how to optimize Twitter content (which comprises no more than one hundred and forty characters) for search engines.

Twitter Content: How Far it's Progressed

Engineers from Google are already in the process of making tweets searchable meaning that this function could come online soon. It is interesting to note that the discussion between these giants has skirted the ground of ad revenue. The speculation is that ad revenue will be given to users in a way similar to Adsense but that it may require some concessions from Twitter to function properly. As things currently stand, although the technical aspects are already in the works, it may require some further discussions between these two parties before a final agreement is reached.

Three Predictions for the Future

Once this linkage between Twitter and Google becomes a reality, there will be a number of changes in how brands and individuals interact on the social media platform. Among the changes that are likely to feature front and center in the current marketing strategy of brands are:

1. Reputation Management: As a brand, you would want to know what is being said on Twitter about your product, and whether the feedback is largely negative, positive or indifferent. By developing a way to read these statistics, it is possible to gauge the social outreach and overall impact of the brand on the public at large. Google's integration makes it easier to do this and to develop campaigns that appeal more to the public.

2. Further Data Optimization: Tweets are only 140 characters apiece, but embedded in those 140 characters are keywords that have been around since Twitter has, but have previously been unattainable. With the added keyword data, optimization can be further improved for sites, even capitalizing on traffic from a particular user or users.

3. The Burgeoning Growth of Twitter: What does all this have in store for the social media giant? In a phrase: immense growth. Twitter's current growth is hampered by its outreach. Most of Twitter's users have already grown used to it and are unlikely to venture outside its confines. But Google allows them to reach out to the wider world and swell their user base, which could have a negative impact on their competitors such as Facebook.

Get Ready To Be A Witness

The only way we can be truly aware of what's going to happen when this partnership becomes a reality is to witness it. Twitter's already healthy growth can be expected to increase over the first quarter of 2015, and continue along that trend for the rest of the year until it plateaus. The already formidable user base will be increased quite a bit. If ever there was a partnership of immense proportions in the making it would be this one, since it has the power to change the Internet as we know it.

About The Author:
Julia Spence-McCoy is the CEO of Express Writers, an online copywriting agency that began in 2011 with thousands of web content pages written to date and more than 50 talented writers on the team. Her passion is copywriting and all that pertains, including the ever-changing game of Google algorithm updates.

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