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What Goes Into A Business Gift Basket? A Guide

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  • August 1, 2022
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When you are looking to start sending out your corporate gift baskets, whether it's Christmas or another special occasion, you may be a bit stuck about what to put in them.

Of course, you want to convey to your clients that you want to keep up a good business relationship with them, but how do you do that without breaking the bank? If you are looking for some key ideas about what to put into a gift basket, read on.


OK, so when it comes to giving a gift basket to a client that oozes class, you can't go wrong with alcohol. Traditionally, you would only aim to give one type of alcohol in your business gift basket, but if you are looking for an idea that is a bit more modern, you can mix the bottles of alcohol you put in. Why not put in a large bottle of red wine, a medium bottle of white wine, and then a small bottle of rose? Many business gift baskets from the Basketry showcase single bottles, along with corkscrews and glasses, which can also make a nice touch.


Next on the list of things to go into a gift basket is cheeses. Specifically, cheeses such as brie, cheddars, and specialized cheeses, such as fruit-based mixes or ones that are from a particular region in Spain, Italy, or France.

Of course, if you are making your gift basket from scratch and want to impress your clients, then why not mix it up by placing a bottle of wine with a good accompanying cheese? If you go bigger and opt for a hamper, you can put multiple wines and cheeses into it, which will leave a great impression and will showcase that you truly value your client's business.


Dried meats have become popular in gift baskets over the last few years, especially jerky and sliced meats.

But, if you want to give a green impression in your business basket, then why not place vegan dried meats into your gift baskets instead? That way, you can still give a range of different meats to your clients without feeling concerned about your company's impact on the planet.

As before, you can mix and match the things that go into your gift basket, so why not place a bottle of mid to high-range wine, a block of cheese, and some dried meats? Very classy, very simple, and very memorable.


In this sense, the glasses that you drink from are a better addition to a gift basket than the ones you put on your face. And, of course, a classy glass made of the crystal goes great alongside a bottle of wine or whiskey.

You can even go one step further and have your company name, or your client's company name, embossed on the glass.


And finally, a preserve-based gift basket always goes down a treat. Aim for mid to high-end preserves, such as hand-made jams, chutneys, and marmalades, if you want to leave a good impression on your clients. You can even add fruit cheeses!

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