Why Do New York Businesses Drop in Search Engine Results Rankings?

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Why Do New York Businesses Drop in Search Engine Results Rankings?

Why Do New York Businesses Drop in Search Engine Results Rankings? Blogging Fusion Blog Directory

New York has many successful businesses that are all leading in their industries. You have well-known businesses, such as Verizon Communications, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs Group, and Citigroup, to name a few. Small and medium-scale businesses are slowly growing, including Five Blocks, Brooklyn Winery, and Berricle.

However, other businesses were not so lucky that they had to close down because they were not making enough profits. Usually, businesses fail because of the incorrect decisions they make, such as not hiring a company offering SEO services in New York. You can find that SEO is one of the most critical components to making a business successful, or else you will find your business going underwater. Here are some reasons why some New York-based businesses drop in search engine results rankings:

Incorrect Use of Keywords

A practical method of attracting New York users to visit your website is by using the right keywords. When a person looks for something on a search engine and clicks on a website, they expect to find what they need on the first few search results. Unfortunately, some websites use the exact keywords but do not have what the users need.

This will be misleading for users, and Google and other search engines will find out that you are not using the proper keywords. It also means that they will be pulling you down in the search engine rankings, making it hard for people to find you when they need your products and services.

Failing to Update Website Content

One other way businesses in New York tend to become unsuccessful is when they never update their website content anymore. It is the reason businesses need to hire a company offering SEO services in New York because they need help to create or update fresh content all the time. Remember that updating your content is another effective method of attracting users to visit your website.

Besides outdated content, you also need to ensure that they are relevant to the users. A good example is a company creating gasoline for vehicles but sells whole foods. If you are having difficulty creating relevant content for your website, do not hesitate to hire a professional SEO agency in New York.

Placing Poor Links

There are many ways to increase your rankings in search engines, and one of them is by acquiring links from other websites and placing them on some of your content. Back then, search engines like Google would rank you higher when you placed many links on your content. That is not the case anymore today for website owners in New York because search engines changed their algorithms to count only quality links instead of the number of links on a single piece of content.

Unable to Follow Algorithm Changes

You should know that most search engines will keep changing or improving their algorithms to provide a better user experience. And when they change their algorithm, businesses in New York need to adapt to those changes if they want to have their websites ranked accordingly. Usually, they will send out updates to websites whenever they make algorithm changes to ensure you do not fall in the search engine rankings.

Poor Page Loading Times

Nowadays, everyone wants fast internet because it lets them load videos, pictures and download files faster. They also want a fast-loading website that will not take more than two seconds, which businesses need to keep in mind when running a website.

You should know that a slow-loading website can pull down its placements in most search engines. When a web page does not fully load within 2 seconds, search engines will see it as a problem and slowly pull you down in search engine rankings. You can improve your load times in several ways, such as removing unnecessary plugins or reducing the file size of images.

Black Hat Techniques

The fastest way search engines can blacklist your website off of the results is when you use black hat techniques. It uses illegal methods that violate a search engine’s rules and regulations to achieve quick and easy positive results that will put any website in New York on the top search engine results.

Search engines, notably Google, are always on the lookout for websites that use black hat methods. In most cases, the website will either be penalized for a large sum of money or be banned indefinitely, depending on how many times they have used black hat methods. Some examples of illegal methods include keyword stuffing, link purchasing, link exchanging, text hiding, and comment spamming.

Do not wait for your website to fall down the search engine rankings by keeping in mind the several mistakes other businesses in New York experienced.

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