3 Signs that You Might Have to Consider Retirement Home Living

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3 Signs that You Might Have to Consider Retirement Home Living

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Sending an older parent or a close relative into a retirement home is a tough decision for a lot of people, especially when that parent is living at home. People often assume that their parents will resent them for even suggesting the idea or feel like they're abandoning them. But, in reality, it might be the best decision you could make both for yourself and your parent. Retirement homes are not as bad as many people perceive them to be, and you might be surprised at how invigorating they could be for a senior. Let's take a look at some of the signs that you might have to consider retirement homes for your senior parent.

They Can't Participate in Family Activities

If your parents cannot participate in activities or they have to be modified to accommodate them, then you have to think about retirement homes. People often don't send their parents into retirement homes out of guilt, but you shouldn't feel guilty. Not only do you have the right to normal family life, but your parents may actually feel bad that everything has to be reconfigured for them.

Sit down with your parents and find out what they think about moving to a retirement home before you make assumptions. They may be more interested in the idea than you think.

You do have to be very careful with the retirement home you pick, however. When looking at retirement homes, look for a facility that focuses on building a community. Good retirement homes do everything they can to make every resident feel like they're part of a family and organize all sorts of bonding activities. Being with people around the same will make your parents feel more included.

They're Withdrawn and Depressed

If you're noticing that your parents are not being themselves lately or are depressed, this is another sign that you might want to move them to a retirement home. This is something you should pay special attention to if they just lost a partner and they're living alone. Being alone as a senior can be very tough, and they might not vocalize this to you, but you should talk to them about how they feel. Ask them if they would be open to living in a retirement home and visit a few ones with them so you can gauge their reaction.

They Have Memory Issues

If your parents are beginning to deal with memory issues or dementia. you simply can't leave them alone. You will have to either move them to a retirement home that provides memory care and assistance or move them into your home. If living in your home is not an option, you'll have no choice but to start looking at retirement homes. Look for retirement homes near me with memory care. Facilities like this work closely with residents to give them the care they need while still allowing them to enjoy a certain level of freedom.

These are all clear signs that you might want to consider a retirement home for a close parent or relative. Always make sure that you consult them first and keep them involved in every part of the process.

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