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  • April 28, 2022
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Gaming has been around for a while now, with its own history and a huge base of gamers that play on a regular basis.

Like the world of movies, TV shows and books, with gaming there is something for everyone. If you like action games or prefer to play as a racer, there will be thousands of games out there for you to play.

But what do you play on? There are a range of platforms that appeal to gamers for a number of different reasons, each with their own perks. Take a look at the top three.

PC gaming

Arguably one of the original forms of gaming to first come about, PC gaming has an interesting history. While you may think of a PC gamer as the more dedicated type of player, PC gaming is really for everyone and is a great platform to play your games on.

PC gaming uses the keyboard and mouse as your main tools, allowing for much more control than you would get on other platforms. They also are, most often, more powerful than other options with certain games only available on PC.

You don’t have to have a powerful PC to get started though, devices like Lenovo Budget Laptops can be all you need to dip your toe in the PC gaming pool.


This is the form of gaming you’re probably most familiar with. Consoles started out as a way for anyone to get into gaming as they allowed you to plug them straight into your TV and enjoy.

Consoles are still one of the most popular gaming platforms and, of course, for good reason. While some have gotten advanced enough to have other uses, they are ultimately created for gaming and that's something that can really show when you're playing.

From the controllers fitting perfectly in your hand to the graphics designed to take you straight into that world, consoles really go all out to give you the perfect gaming experience.

Mobile gaming

Perhaps the gaming platform that has had the biggest evolution since it first started, mobile gaming is now a major industry.

No longer are you limited to the likes of Snake, mobile users have almost as many options as console or PC players.

Aimed at a more general market, mobile games are designed to be taken anywhere and played at any time. All you need to do is bring your phone with you.

From lighthearted games to ones with cult followings, mobile gaming is a great option if you’re not into PCs or consoles.

Gaming is so diverse and for more than just the stereotypical gamer you likely have in your head. Whether you come at it through a PC, console, or mobile there is no doubt that it's a great pastime and very fun.

While there are other gaming platforms, these are certainly the most popular and most common. No matter what your interests are, there is probably a game on one of these platforms for you.

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