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What is Flipboard and How to Use It To Build Content

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What is Flipboard and How to Use It To Build Content

What is Flipboard and How to Use It To Build Content Blogging Fusion Blog Directory

I know, I know, another quasi-social network is on the market looking to tap into a market of users. I promise that Flipboard isn't something you should be ignoring simply because you don't feel you see its value right away. There are a couple different benefits to the mobile app Flipboard but I will start with explaining what it is.

What is Flipboard?

Put simply, Flipboard is a mobile application that aggregates articles, blogs posts, and general news pieces straight into an easy to use interface all based around the users interests. The app was first created back in late 2010 for the iPad and quickly became one of the most popular information based apps on the Apple Store and was even named iPad App of the Year in 2010 by Apple. Since then the app has been made available on most major smartphone platforms including: iPhone, BlackBerry 10, Android, and select Windows 8 phones.

In a similar fashion as Pinterest, on Flipboard you create your own custom boards based around your interests such as Technology, Gardening, Breaking News, etc. You can follow news outlets, bloggers, general themes that pull from several different content creators, or even other boards created by other Flipboard users. That last point is the social part of Flipboard.

How Flipbaord Can Help You

Flipboard aggregates and curates content for you from several sources. This means that with a few flicks of your thumb you will have articles right in front of you that you can pass on to your following whether that's on Twitter, LinkedIn, or on a number of different social networks that you can link your Flipboard account to. You can use the basic function of Flipboard to discover content to post to your following on your various social media channels as well as build your own boards in order to develop a following on Flipboard itself.

Additionally, you can apply to Flipboard itself to become an original content generator or Publisher. This has previously been reserved for major content producers like, but if your company or brand creates blog and news content almost daily, you have a chance to be a verified Publisher. This is outstanding if your business is niche in focus. Some major bloggers are even seeing Flipboard become their largest traffic source.

When push comes to shove, Flipboard has value for anyone interested in content and from a social media perspective any professional or brand should be harnessing it for its ability to mine great content for your followings. Head on over to Flipboard and see what it's all about.

About The Author:
David Tubbs, Co-Founder and Content Director of

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