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Top Tips for Beefing Up Your Resume

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Resume writing is difficult. If it wasn’t, professional resume writers would have a harder time finding work.

The art of resume writing can and should be learnt by anyone wishing to showcase their talents to the best of their abilities.

If you feel as though your resume is looking a little thin around the edges, or you are unsure of what to include, here are some tips to help you get started in the right direction.


Any certified skills you can show off to your prospective employees can improve your chances of securing that all-important job interview.

Thankfully, many great options are fairly easy to obtain online, and depending on your prowess, it may not even take very long at all.

An AWS cloud certification is a great example of this, as it represents a highly sought-after set of digital skills. Plus, there are plenty to choose from, so if you happen to have any gaps in your knowledge, now could be the perfect time to pursue remote learning opportunities.

Voluntary Work

Voluntary work represents initiative, commitment and integrity. Needless to say, it looks fantastic on the resume and adds some real substance to your application.

Moreover, it allows your prospective employer some greater insight into who you are as a person, what your values are and what you believe in.

If you are having a hard time finding opportunities in your area, there are some great websites to help you out.

Language Skills

Multi-lingual candidates tend to stand out on the resume pile. Even if you never get a chance to utilize your foreign language skills, it still helps you stand tall above other candidates who can’t speak another language.

It can also make you come across as interesting, which is an important factor when trying to persuade someone that you are the right fit for their company.

Experience Working with Deadlines

The world of work can move quickly, so your demonstrable ability to meet deadlines should be included on your resume, particularly if you hope to work on projects as part of a team.

This not only showcases your reliability and dependability, but your dedication and strong work ethic.


Any training you might have picked up along the journey of life is worth a place on the resume, as it tells your potential new bosses that you are willing to commit to continuous learning.

Plus, if you are applying for a role that requires you to start as soon as possible, it may give you a leg up over the candidates.


Substantial experience, training and certifications look great on the resume, but not without a few keywords to fully flesh out their entries.

It is worth thinking about including a few reliable classics like:

  • Collaborative
  • Adaptable
  • Approachable
  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Motivated

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, nor might it apply to what you are trying to say on your resume, but it can give you an idea of what kind of buzzwords employers tend to watch out for.

Last but not least, do not forget to cater your resume to the specific role you are applying for, otherwise it might look like you have just fired it off to a hundred companies without paying attention.

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