What Companies Need Predictive Maintenance Software?

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What Companies Need Predictive Maintenance Software?

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  • September 30, 2021
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If you own a home, you're familiar with the idea of regular maintenance. You have so many different systems and appliances all working together to keep your home safe that you need to check regularly. For example, you need to constantly check-in that your HVAC unit is in good condition.

You bring in a contractor every six months or so just to check how things are functioning. That way, they can catch small issues before they become major catastrophes. This saves you time, energy, and money in the long run. These are the natural steps you take as a homeowner, and you can also take these steps with your business.

Predictive maintenance does the same thing for your business that hiring a contractor for regular maintenance does for your home. With the right predictive maintenance tools, you are constantly monitoring the systems and equipment in your enterprise to make sure everything is operating at full capacity. This form of analytics helps you save money, energy, and time as you guarantee each piece of equipment is working the right way for you. While there are plenty of organizations and companies that benefit from preventive maintenance software, there are specific companies that definitely need to rely on this technology. Let's dive deeper into the definition of predictive maintenance and if you need this technology for your organization.

What is predictive maintenance?

First, you have to understand exactly what predictive maintenance software is. This is condition-based maintenance that relies on monitoring of your performance and equipment to help you see the potential of a breakdown or issue before that problem occurs. The main goal is to eliminate those high risks and track asset performance to guarantee things are in good working order. When it comes to maintenance levels, predictive is the most advanced. You can start with reactive maintenance where you only solve problems as they arise or level up to planned or proactive methods. Staying ahead of the game with predictive maintenance helps you avoid unplanned downtime and breakdowns so your asset management can be full steam ahead at all times.

How does the system work?

There are plenty of different techniques that play a role in predictive maintenance. Infrared thermography, acoustic monitoring, and vibration analysis can actually understand your operations data and give you updates on how the workflow is operating. You can also use condition monitoring to see the state of your systems in real time. Predictive formulas and the Internet of Things are software solutions that evaluate equipment performance and can denote any anomalies on your dashboards. By combining artificial intelligence, real-time data, and physical products, you can see those actionable insights to keep your equipment fully operational at all times.

What industries can benefit most from this technology?

There are plenty of different industries and areas that can benefit from predictive maintenance software. Basically, any company that works with large machinery or intense programs can use this for asset maintenance and positive practices.

Manufacturing is the largest area that benefits from this technology. Large factories have individual equipment in their entire production line. Using algorithms and software to monitor these actions will help you guarantee everything continues to run smoothly and efficiently across the assembly line.

You can also use predictive maintenance in the oil, gas, and energy industries. See new solutions and find the areas where you may have a bit of waste. This will allow you to incorporate new features and look for cost savings in one of the largest industries in the world.

Lastly, predictive maintenance helps with work requests in the food and beverage industry. Help keep the food coming from a warehouse standpoint or find ways to improve your ordering as a restaurant. These maintenance programs allow you to reevaluate the way you do things and find better practices overall.

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