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Confessions of a Blogging Junkie

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Confessions of a Blogging Junkie

Confessions of a Blogging Junkie Blogging Fusion Blog Directory

You started a blog. You got your domain name, decided to self-host your website, and put your site up. You got your fancy theme and all the snazzy little plugins to make your site the best thing since Facebook.

You're churning out blog posts so incredible they would make the Blog Tyrant, himself, jealous. You're blog-hopping like a madman (or woman) and leaving comments with your links on every relevant site you can find.

You're shelling out money for solo-ads and tweeting your newest post five times a day, bugging your friends to check out your new site.

You have the adrenaline of a blogging-junkie coursing through your veins! You cannot be stopped!

Then a few weeks go by. And well... you're not too enthused.

You're coming down from your high. You've been dragging your feet. You haven't posted to your blog in weeks or maybe even a month.

Why? Well, you've been working too late. You've been too tired when you get home. You had to walk the dog. You didn't get enough sleep. Something came up. Etc, etc.

What's going on here? Let's be honest. These are just excuses and by now, you know better. Excuses are useless.

The truth is either you didn't think it would be this much work or maybe you thought you would have progressed more than you have. And now, a few months have gone by and you feel like all that effort was wasted.

When you get overwhelmed, the first thing you need to do is take a step back and regroup. Re-examine your dreams and goals and the reasons behind them.

Why did you start a blog? Why did you whip out your credit card and buy that domain name? Why did you stay up late to post on other blogs? Why did you scour the forums daily to give and receive advice? Why did you think it was so important to promote your post on your Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts? To share it with the world?

Only you can answer these questions. But here's the kicker:

IF you can't answer these questions, then you're dead in the water. You started without a plan or any direction and now you feel like a failure. The only choice then is to learn from your mistakes, regroup, make a plan, and start over.

IF you can answer these questions, then you can find your motivation again. You can recapture that sense of thrill and excitement! You can figure out why you started in the first place and know that it's worth it.

Here's a tip: If your blog shares value, whether it's full of useful information, funny pictures that'll make someone smile, or heart-warming stories that'll inspire other, it's worth it!

For the bloggers struggling in their writing careers, we all go through these phases from time to time. I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.

Wishing you great success!

About The Author:
Mark A Curtis, I'm a simple man, blogging about information and motivation. Find me at:

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