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The Alliance World of Warcraft blog is intended to be a loose guide to the World of Warcraft through a Night Elf Hunter, who is very new to the World of Warcraft. Everything written is strictly opinion and about the World of Warcraft. Check it out for tips, guides and some information about my characters as they progress.
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Finally Hit Level 70

Finally Hit Level 70 Well I have been playing off and on the past few months, not playing as much as I used it to and trying to have more family time. Well I took my old MM Hunter, respec'ed to BM/MM and now he is level 70 getting ready to buy the first flying mount. Since then I have created numerous toons and have power leveled a few with a guide I have been creating from my first level 70 toon. So far my new toon list is as follows: Kirin Tor (RP Realm) Paladin - Ret. Level 27 Rogue -...

Update to my WoW Blog November 1st 2007

Update to my WoW Blog November 1st 2007 The past month has definitely been a busy one. I have not played nearly as much as I used to (which is probably a good thing). I have my three main chars right now, a Feral Druid (level 17), a BM Hunter for PVP (level 31) and a Mark Hunter for Questing (level 47). I have been working off my 47 Hunter the most recently to gain some gold. I probably have 150g between all of my characters. They are all pretty well set with gear, which is nice. For the...

Hollows End in the World of Warcraft

Hollows End in the World of Warcraft Well today starts the World of Warcraft Halloween's holiday, Hollows End. Everything is decorated from pumpkins to bopping for apples. I am excited to play tonight or tomorrow night and see if I can get a mask to wear! Anyhow time for the talking part (as boring as it may be). After talking with a few people from my guild last night I found out that you can Un-learn talents for 1 gold the first time then 5g the next etc. Well since I have never done it...

Training a Feral Night Elf Druid

Training a Feral Night Elf Druid My new druid character, who is now level 13, has been chosen to be a Feral druid. After running through the Talent Calculator provided by, I decided that is where my focus point will be. Currently the druid has 1/2/0 for his talents. The 1 point under balance is the Nature's Grasp. A very handy spell that when active if anyone hits you they have a chance of being entangled in roots. The other 2 points under Feral is for Ferocity. That is...

Beginner's Night Elf Questing Strategy

Beginner's Night Elf Questing Strategy Well given that I have done all the beginning Night Elf quests at least 4 times, I decided to create a beginner's guide to it. As there are many different ways to quest, but to quest efficiently is different. If you do have input or another option, please let us know. I do not know all the names of everyone or the quests, but I do know locations and what the quest entails. Hopefully that is enough, I may go back later and add those details. The Balance...

Playing Warsong Gulch with Hunter

Playing Warsong Gulch with Hunter Recently I have been playing a lot of Warsong Gulch with my level 29 hunter. To put it short I now have 49 tokens. The nice part about it is I have found a group of two other people, a warlock and a druid, who know how to play battlegrounds. Every round of Warsong Gulch we played together we won. Our strategy is actually really simple, basically the Warlock stays at base with one or two other people and guards our flag. While the Druid and I sneak into the...

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