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All About Saws is a blog for those who love woodworking. Here you can find DIY projects and ideas, woodworking tips, tool reviews and more.
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How to Cut a Circle With a Jigsaw

People often wonder how to cut a circle with a jigsaw, as they mostly do only straight cuts. But making curved cuts seems difficult only at first sight. For cutting a circle with a jigsaw you will need the following: a jigsaw; plywood or other material; special blades according to the material; marker; template; working surface; screw clamp. There are different methods of cutting with a jigsaw. A circle can be cut both with hand and mechanical jigsaws. A hand jigsaw has a simpler mechanism than...

Circular Saw Repair: How To Fix The Problem On Your Own

The merits of any household tool are mostly appreciated only after its failure. Every household master knows that. Due to a variety of tool in the household arsenal, most people simply do not know how to perform a certain operation without it. This is especially true for a circular saw. The reason is that a circular saw is essential for wood ripping and can’t be replaced with any hand tool. A usual hand saw is not capable of such ripping. Therefore, when a circular saw fails for some reason,...

How To Use A Jigsaw To Get High-Quality Cuts

A jigsaw with an electric motor (jigsaw power tool) is designed for making straight or curved cutting in panels easier. The panel strength and hardness are of little importance. A jigsaw can cut not only plastic or wood but steel or aluminum panels as well. But you must know how to use a jigsaw to make high-quality cuts without tool wear. Blade selection First of all, you must select the right blade. The blade characteristics depend not only on the panel material but also whether the cut is...

How To Cut Laminate Flooring: Best Tools For This Work

Laminate has become an extremely popular flooring material. Based on the Fiberboard, it is used both in residential and commercial properties. Laminate is easily cut. This property makes installation of laminate flooring easy even for non-professionals. For high-quality installation of laminate flooring, you must know not only how to lay it, but also how to cut it properly.  This material does not stand cutting negligence, which may result in defects. Let’s see what tools are best for...

Jigsaw Buying Guide

A jigsaw is one of the most common tools in the arsenal of both a home master and finishing specialist. The reason is wide versatility of this power tool. A jigsaw can make your life much easier if you have to deal with sawing wood, plastic, metal, gypsum board – it can do both straight and curved cuts. It can even cut ceramic tiles (if using a diamond saw blade). A jigsaw has its limitations in terms of power and operating time though. But, on the other hand, if you need to cut beams and...

Best Chop Saw 2018

When it comes to chop saw, it is considered as a powerhouse in the field of cutting tools. Many people often confuse it with a miter saw thanks to their similar external appearance. However, when the chop saw can handle all kinds of metals, plastics, and wood with a certain ease, the miter saw is generally restricted to simple wood cutting projects. There are three types of blades which are normally used in the chop saws. Starting with the normal blade, it comes handy for all those customers...

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