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It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped, It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

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What Is The Definition Of Success In Your Life?

What the definition of success is and what meaning it holds in your life now is telling you how successful you are. Try to be a man of success. The post What Is The Definition Of Success In Your Life? appeared first on A Best Of Life.

What the definition of success is and what meaning it holds in your life now is telling you how successful you are. However, what you still need to work for the purpose of getting reasonable satisfaction with your beliefs on success is what will shape your future as a successful person.

Notably, just like your goals differ from other people, your vision of success will differ accordingly. People develop happiness from various sources, and so is a success.
It may be defined as being rich and financially stable to someone while another one sees is as building a warm and happy social life.

Don't mimic other people's  success

Some people try to resonate with others' prospects of success and try to mimic them. This leads them nowhere actually because they may succeed to be like them, but at a certain point, they will find it aimless. The reason for that is, they will not find it satisfactory to their needs either emotionally or materially.

Every life on this Earth has its own small world. There is something that fits you which will not be suitable for another person's life. Don't get fooled by your surroundings and end up climbing the wrong ladder. Don't copy someone's dream mistaking it as yours and become another person's version of success.

Give yourself the time to pause and consider your needs to set your own definitions of success. You have your life which is filled with success and failure experiences, you can revisit the most prominent events to figure out it clearly.

This is not what success is

How about what is not a success, can you spot it and opt it out? If you look deep into your life, you can see many things others may see as progress but only you cannot be satisfied with it. This is when you can say it is not what success is.

Success may be disguised as other forms you cannot recognize at the right time. We all fall into this trap, we don't see the far fetched goals and judge based on what is seen at a certain moment. This leads many people to false results and consequently doubting their own judgment.

Temporary desires may fascinate a lie in your eyes to see it as a truth. Based only on such feelings, you cannot build a whole plan and spend time pursuing it or it will be wasted time.

Looking into your heart and pleasing it is very good, but never forget to take into consideration your mind's vision about it. You can still differentiate clearly between your illusions and your dreams if you make your mind up to do it.

This is what success means to you

When you define success clearly and realize what success means to you without any doubts, you can start pursuing it immediately. Before you do that, ask yourself these few questions: 

  • What are my limits for being successful?
  • The last time I hit a success, was I happy? And why?
  • What are my most prominent successes in my life?
  • What lessons have I learned from achieving success?
  • What did I lose along the road of success?
  • Can I continue on from the last step? 

Try to find sincere answers from your past experiences and present feelings about your life in general and whatever answers you get, you have succeeded in phrasing your own definition of success. 

Definitions of success

There are several definitions of success that will give you the motivation to know what it means to be successful and to help you define your own success.

Success is bringing joy and happiness into your life with fewer regrets. It's living each day while enjoying the small things.

Success is doing your best and expecting the best results in return. It's working hard with strong beliefs that when something goes wrong, you will never back off.

Success is believing that the path to success will be worthy despite any failure and disappointment along the road. It's when you start stepping up without seeing the whole staircase while believing you will reach the top.

Success is a journey of hard work, perseverance, strong will, and sweat and effort leading to a big dream. It's going forward with a sword of steel to remove any obstacles until the end.

Success is going on anyway despite being scared because you have a target. It's killing fear and anxiety and disposing of every single doubt about your abilities and capabilities until you grow formidable strength instead.

Success is learning that losing is a station you have to stop by to be able to pass to the next success. It's accepting the loss and failure and learning from them while preparing for the next battles.

Success is making your weak points to become your strong weapons. It's embracing your disability and drawing out your extraordinary traits.

And finally, I believe that success is loving yourself, loving your life, loving your existence in other people's lives, and most importantly is getting as much love from people who are involved in your life. So try to be a man of success by defining your own term.

The post What Is The Definition Of Success In Your Life? appeared first on A Best Of Life.

What Are Your Five Basic Emotions?

There are five of the most basic emotions which are happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust although there are tons of emotions that conquer your life. The post What Are Your Five Basic Emotions? appeared first on A Best Of Life.

Tons of emotions conquer your daily life. They pop up alternatively based on mood and situations getting involved with. However, research summarized these mixed types of emotions and labeled them into five basic emotions.

Identifying them while taking a close observation may help you control how you feel and how to stop that feeling in a way or another. Human basic emotions are happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust.

Of course, there are different theories about this categorization and why it's made that way, but it makes sense to think these five emotions control our life. Actually I didn't think about this subject specifically as I know people feel joy when it calls for it and gets sad when something bad happens. This simple is how someone lives his daily life dealing with various emotions.

1. Happiness

Happiness is a feeling you may get confused when we try to define it. You are happy when you achieve a long-life goal and when you meet someone you love. You also feel happiness when you help someone or get help from someone in an unexpected way.

How you feel when you are happy and how your heart acts at such moments is what determines how much you need to be happy and how you will make this possible.

Put your hand on your heart and listen to whatever it directs you to. Make sure you carry the key to your own happiness with you all along the road. Don't make it belongs to any other one but you.

2. Sadness

To be sad means that you are not happy at a certain time. You may have lost something or someone or got hurt by them. The feeling of sadness is brief just like how much you were happy before and now it's another feeling just dominates.

If you can't feel your sadness and live in it for a while, then you cannot appreciate the happiness when its time comes. There is no one who doesn't know what is sadness or hasn't felt it before, yet you need someone to tells you it's okay and you are not the only one.

Just don't resist it badly, be sad, and let your heart be strengthened after winning over its sadness courageously. Whether it's sorrow or guilt, just make sure your heart holds the upper hand and be in control. You cannot live with only winning or you will not be considered a survival.

basic emotions

3. Anger

When your anger takes part in a certain situation, then you are at loss, believe me. To be angry is to lose your peace and your reasonability. It hurts when you lose your stability and make poor decisions just because you are angry.

When it gets really hard, and you feel like losing control, count from one to ten in sixty seconds. When your mind tells you to vent your heart content out at times of anger, hold on a little more, and stay firm when you oppose it. This is called a hard time which when it gets over, you will be relieved you got your mind under control. 

Most regrets come when you lose your mind in times of fury. Once you regain your calmness, you realize that some strange person was in charge at that time.

Make sure to train yourself when you are calm about how to restrain your mind from acting repulsively our of rage. You are the one responsible for the circumstances. Therefore, try to be wise and not lose to your temporary emotions.

4. Fear

Fear and anxiety take a big part in people's actions and reactions. You will not be able to go one step forward without getting scared of what may happen. Some people let fear control more than it should and for that, they get trapped in time without proper movement, and this may be repeated times and times.

What you fear may be what will set you free. It's a rock blocking your way, you cannot move forward until you move it away from your own road.

Never run away from this feeling because you need to fight it and win no matter what happens and no matter how long it takes. Anxiety is an illness now, some people suffer from it for life. It makes fear grows bigger than its normal size. Don't be a prisoner for it, fight and find ways to defeat it.

Embrace your fears and dissolve them gradually. You have to find a way of defeating it yourself and to develop solutions for every time it tries to hold you back.

5. Disgust

Disgust is to be repulsive towards certain things leading to their rejection. It's a strong dislike for a thing that may be unpleasant to you in anyway whether by taste, smell, or even by sight.

Refusing to be involved with these things or maybe situations is a result of feeling disgusted by them. You can feel it towards people doing things unfavorably.

Either emotional disgust or physical disgust, it's getting you looking for ways to change or avoid it. Actually, I didn't know that feeling disgusted is a universal emotion that counts significantly, but thinking about it it's not good to feel it often. Looking for ways to clean your way from what makes you develop such a feeling is a kind of success too.


The post What Are Your Five Basic Emotions? appeared first on A Best Of Life.

Are you happy? Make Sure You Are

You need to bring your own happiness out to light and enjoy it regardless of any obstacles. You need to make sure you are happy. The post Are you happy? Make Sure You Are appeared first on A Best Of Life.

What is happiness?

 Actually, there is no definite answer to this question. Happiness is a state of mind, it's someone who lives well up to his plans and expectations, the emotional positive mental state leads to satisfaction and pleasure.

Happiness is not another one's responsibility but only yours. You must be happy because you deserve to. However, you won't run into happiness randomly. Because life is full of challenges and hardships, your mind is complicated and your heart is heavy, so that, happiness is hard to attain.

People fall ill, fail in their work and business, get financial problems, face fearful situations occasionally, they get heartbroken, and precious people around them die. If to count how many times someone cries and gets depressed, numbers would be higher than expected.

Nevertheless, you will still see their smiles and feel their joy.

Have you wondered if you are happy?

Have you asked yourself before if you are happy? If so, have you tried to find an honest answer? Have you put aside your negative feelings and passive judgments and looked thoroughly into your life to see if there is real happiness there?

I'm not asking to see if you're unhappy, I'm asking about your happiness. Usually, people can easily target reasons for being miserable because sadness overpowers their feelings. Maybe because of that, it's really hard to measure their real happiness.

Now, I am asking you to ignore your unhappy feelings for a while and search for your reasons for happiness.

smile, laugh, luck

Happy times are coming

Happiness can't be bought as you know but gained by working hard for it like exerting effort to make a living. Actually, it is a feeling you have to fight to get, you have to expect it in order to have it, and to believe you deserve to come to you.

You will not find it somewhere and plant it into your heart. It's created and produced despite any circumstances by someone who is eager to be happy.

As long as there is sadness, there must be the following happiness just like the sun and the moon's subsequent existence. There is no forever darkness because the sun will always rise the next morning. This is a natural rule.

Happy times are coming for sure, yet sometimes they're a little blurry and not clear needing someone to uncover their presence and welcome them. While it's very dull around you, believe that happiness is there just around the corner and start searching for it sincerely.

The most important thing is that you need to bring your own happiness out to light and enjoy it regardless of any obstacles. It's your duty towards yourself.

What are your sources of happiness?

Happiness includes so many things and everybody sees it from his own perspective. You can think about what brings you joy and satisfaction, however, try to make your thoughts deeper about this issue.

There are many things in this world that can make you happy, but they alone, cannot give you adequate pleasure.

Money is great, it would be wonderful not to worry about earning enough money for life. Cars, buildings, and jewelry are wonderful too. Traveling the world, sightseeing, and watching the wonders of this universe is superb actually.
Whereas, that's not all that brings someone happiness. There are basic standards for being happy. Love, family, friends, health, content, success, and so on.

Only you can evaluate them for which percent everything you have in your life brings you real happiness. Now, what do you think the combination of your sources of happiness? What are your priorities?

It's happiness

Undoubtedly, our happy times are much more than we think we have, it's just that we don't notice them. We don't pause at our best moments of life and say here it's a happy time, let's count it!

When you appreciate what you have and be grateful for what is happening in your life, you become happier. When you have a gathering with an old friend laughing and talking endlessly, be grateful for having such a blessing.
Smiling several times a day, finding reasons to smile brightly is something wonderful. Make sure to take a record of it in your happy times' notes.

Eating your favorite food, exercising, sleeping well, and having time for yourself to think and relax is a sign of happiness.
When you overcome a crisis or win over a disease or earn a degree, you gain so many reasons to be delighted for fighting until getting something positive and succeeding to avoid something negative. The sigh of relief you feel back then is a form of happiness!

If you are to count the little things you are grateful for in your life, you will find them much, and because of that, you can tell how happy you are and what you will plan to do to be even happier.

The post Are you happy? Make Sure You Are appeared first on A Best Of Life.

How To Establish Good Habits

What you do repeatedly is what a habit is. Make sure you develop good and positive habits taking you to the road of your dreams. The post How To Establish Good Habits appeared first on A Best Of Life.

Behavior and attitude automatically done and carrying out repeated actions like daily essential activities are, what a habit is. There are different types of habits whether they are good or bad. Some are involuntary, we do because they are part of our living process while some others are done because of our intention to develop them as good conducts such as exercising.

What you've been repeating every day contributed to what you are right now and how your life's become. To be a great person, develop excellent habits. We have hundreds of habits on a daily basis and occasionally too. Each habit carries a part of our identity because we represent what we consistently do. Our thoughts, words, values, beliefs, and actions are major contributors to our habits. Therefore, to control them, we ought to manage what we think about and what we believe in. 

The part of our brain responsible for managing habits, new and old ones, is called the basal ganglia. Researchers found out that some people who have serious brain damage, yet their basal ganglia hasn't been affected, can still perform certain habits they were used to before very well, despite their injury.

Some habits are firmly embedded in our brains that we keep behaving according to even if they later turn to be of no benefit, simply because they are habits. It's been proven that about forty percent of our actions are a result of habits, not decisions. That's why it's believed that old habits die hard, as it's known to all of us how much one habit can change someone's life.
Now, the question is, how to establish good habits and stick to them? Here are some tips to help you replace your bad habits with good ones.

1. Scan your habits and filter them

Habits are scary when you dwell on them blindly. Thus, if you want to do well in your life, start scanning your habits and filter the good ones from the must-change ones. You need to do this occasionally to make sure you haven't wasted a long time doing something you are not satisfied with.

The good news is, good habits can last forever with you. And, for the bad news, we can turn them into good news too by replacing the unfavorable habits into great ones.

Your daily life is the standard to evaluate how beneficial your lifestyle is to your goals and dreams. You may think you are doing well and no major changes will be needed until you look thoroughly into your actions and their effects.

In other words, a lot of events in life call for less time and effort than you may do because of needless behaviors you are used to such as stress, negativity, hesitation, and overthinking. Whatever the scan results are, point them clearly and be ready to get rid of what's making you less content or productive.

2. Be proud of your good habits

picking flowers, daisies, little girl

The good habits of yours are worth being respected and loved by you. Be proud of how well your attitude is because you are doing something wise for a long time that called for effort while others may not be able to do it. It may be a good virtue, a good attitude, or something related to people you love, or a job or business.

Just like encouraging someone to do better in their job, you need a similar cheering to keep up. Be a winner in your heart and reject staying at the loser's position, then your beliefs will fix your habits firmer towards the characteristics of a successful person.

Furthermore, this self-emotional support will make your heart treasure the loveable and joyful feelings of performing these habits. And notably, for a matter to last longer, there is nothing better than love and pleasure to protect its existence.

You can be the one who gives oneself what is needed to make good habits lasts forever.

3. Break the bad habits

Bad habits may last forever too if you don't have the courage and determination to get rid of them. You will need some inspiration to do that like reminding yourself of a motivational outcome in order to be a pushing power to chase away harmful habits.

Study your habits well and try to find the benefit of getting them out of your life. You will find financial reasons or emotional causes driving you to stop any hesitation.

Continuing to do something that has a bad impact on your life is what we call an addiction to a certain habit, it is how you iterate them times and times and as a result, the more the repetition, the stronger these habits cling to you.

To break or weaken them, either way, you should start belittling their importance and reminding yourself of their negative consequences in the long run. It won't be done in a day or two, but, with time, they will disappear completely as if they have not existed at all.

A good way to kill an old habit is to start a new one. I believe that good virtues chase away bad ones. If someone wants to quit cursing or insulting others, for example, he is advised to replace every negative word with positive ones even if it is not intended until his mouth gets used to saying only kind words and after that, this behavior will become a habit. You can do the same with your bad habits, so put the roots of one new action to remove the impact of an old action slowly, and doing this new regular action will drive something good to be born replacing that old one.

4. Develop a habit of being excellent

The best way to treat yourself is by giving her the perfect results. Excellence is the most perfect outcome of anything you start. You predict the best because you deserve the best. This is the mindset of excellence.

The habit of wanting and predicting something great will attract everything that will lead to success.

Habits of successful people are not very ideal or not reachable. They do what unsuccessful people don't and they do it regularly that they become like no one else.

Successful habits are simple, but the problem is building such habits requires positivity and perseverance. Be positive and don't doubt your abilities. Expect the positive outcomes and plan accordingly.

In reality, the secret of establishing great habits is loving them more than any old habit or any weak feeling dragging you in the opposite way.

How beautifully this new habit of eating healthy food made your health better and your mind clearer will make you love yourself and your habit too. This love will take away your weakness and tiredness too.

5. Reward Yourself

No matter how old you are, rewards will bring pleasure and satisfaction to your heart. Even a smile from someone recognizing your effort can give you great happiness. Self-reward is something amazing, owing to it, you boost your confidence in being competent.

Besides, you give yourself the credit for every achievement, so that a self-satisfaction be engraved in your memories and come along with every new accomplishment. Connecting that to a good habit you acquired lately or a bad habit you've finally destroyed will be very motivating to do better.

Treat yourself to something you love, take a rest from something tiring, or buy yourself a gift you need after every accomplishment you achieve. Whatever the way you reward yourself with, make sure it brings you happiness and more love for yourself.

In addition, the most prominent rewards will be seen later. For someone who's quitted smoking, for example, he will regain his health and enjoy his freedom from such a destructive habit.

The person who has no friends remaining because of failing to choose the appropriate words to express his feelings will find new delightfulness in building beautiful relationships after kicking away that habit of choosing wrong expressions.

Finally, Samuel Johnson said, “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” Habits are like hidden enemies; you can't beat them until you clearly recognize their existence. However, never show weakness in front of your enemies.

A lasting bad habit steals your life is worse than a visible enemy you can defeat at once. If you are determined enough, bad habits will become fragile facing your confrontation, so that, when you decide to replace them with good habits, believe me, you are the winner for sure.

The post How To Establish Good Habits appeared first on A Best Of Life.

Your Opportunity, Your Chance

Your opportunity is your chance, so recognize it. open your doors of faith, hope, and positivity, so that your mind gets ready to see all of the benefits. The post Your Opportunity, Your Chance appeared first on A Best Of Life.


Opportunities come when we are not looking their way when we are searching them in other forms in the opposite direction, and when we think of them as challenges coming to disturb our quiet life.

Arriving disguised as difficulties is the trick we all fall for, we get immersed into negative feelings of despair and panic, forgetting that nothing comes to our way unless it bears something good just like the bad side we recognize right away.

When you sense such an opportunity, open all your doors of faith, hope, and positivity, so that your mind gets ready to see all the benefits of such chance and perceive them.

What If You Regret it?

Sometimes, we see and know there is a chance and maybe a lifetime one, yet we hesitate or may even turn it down. It happens when we feel not ready for it or believe that we are not worthy for some reason.

Actually, that is not wise because we may not be ready at this moment and maybe we will never be ready for good opportunities because we will always lack something, still, we should allow them to conquer our life. New missions will bring new challenges that will build new strength and this is how we grow and get ready for better chances.

If you turn down an opportunity for such reason, then how much time would you need to be ready one hundred percent? The perfect opportunity with full preparation is some fantasy, there no such thing. If you wait, would this door be opened again? What if you regret it? Passed time won't be back and only bitterness and pangs of conscience of "what ifs" will be haunting you.
Opportunities come and miracles follow, you may miss one chance because you have your reasons you believe you can't do anything about, but don't miss them all for those same reasons, or you will be wasting your chances of achieving something new times and times.

Miracles will not appear in front of someone who is waiting for circumstances to change or people's help without moving an inch.

Stop Overthinking And Grab Your Opportunity

opportunity, directory, option

At certain times, you needn't think much before acting, just be neutral towards what you face and your mind will act according to its nature. Let yourself embrace your surrounding events without stress which is mostly a result of overthinking. When you practice this, a ray of light will be guiding your weakened soul.

Following the light, you will be taken to new horizons of brightened universes, because the reflection of that light in your eyes at this specific moment is the golden time. Only then, new ideas will be born and new goals will be set. The chance you once feared will become a target you are aiming to.

Once you grab your opportunity and start facing your challenges, you will reach new stages of strength that will surprise you. Your power will make you ready for more because the pleasure of progress is a pushing power too. One opportunity when welcomed properly, others will appear to you, who is receiving and managing it very well.

The post Your Opportunity, Your Chance appeared first on A Best Of Life.

Live Your Best Life Now

Our ultimate goal is to live a decent life which means living the best of our life. Being happy, feeling love, and living in peace. The post Live Your Best Life Now appeared first on A Best Of Life.

Our ultimate goal is to live a decent life which means living the best of our life. Being happy, feeling love, and living in peace. As humans, we can be satisfied when our wishes come true. Yet, our desires are never-ending, they keep growing with time while getting older. To feel satisfied, we need to take some points into consideration. We can't live aimlessly with no renewable plans, goals, or definite purposes.

We need to think regularly about our life as a whole just like we think about what we wear and eat every day. To see life in various aspects and to value every moment we live, we need to pause from time to time to evaluate what's been done and organize our plans about what needs to be done.

Be yourself

The very original version of yourself is the most gorgeous one. Just be yourself. Don't try to be someone else even if that one is the most perfect in your eyes. This haircut will only be beautiful on you because your face is making it stands out.

Just like having your own features that are only suitable for you, believe that being your own self is the best gift you possess right now. Your imperfection is what makes you a good-looking human being. With your thoughts, values, and beliefs, you are this person who is trying his best to live well, this person who needs to improve himself rather than copying anyone else. Just be aware that it is amazing the way you are.

Everyone knows this saying, "Be yourself, everyone else is taken." I love this quote, it tells me to stop getting impressed by others' charms to the extent of belittling yours. If so, then just focus on my own. People respect the one who is true to himself.

He appeals to them because respect he shows to himself becomes too bright that attracts their attention. So, remind yourself all the time and while facing any situation to be you so that you can win. Trust the real you and you will never be turned down.

Love yourself

Not all of us love ourselves, perhaps we don't even know how to start and keep this love. We don't because we may have ignored our hearts' signals of needing help for a long time or be busy loving and caring for people around, or maybe some other reason.

To love yourself is to care, respect, accept, and have a positive image of oneself. It's to maintain heart, mind, body, emotions, and soul in a proper and healthy state. You regard yourself as a worthy person who deserves a better environment.

No one is perfect, but you need to keep your mind adapted to the fact that your most perfect life is the one you are contented with, and this kind of life will need the effort of you as the main lead and the only decider.

You have to love yourself deeply so that you can give the most beautiful love to others. To be ready for this, you need to work on your personal growth. Continuous learning will lead you to a better understanding of yourself.

Besides, this will take you to a higher level of personal development which will be the foundation of a person's happiness and success. It's all connected to each other by you and your potential to manage your self-love. So, and again, Love Yourself.

Be kind, helpful, and compassionate

You only need to grow the compassionate part of your personality. Thus, you will be able to offer help to others without calculations or hesitation. To do that, you got to put yourself in other people's shoes in every situation you encounter that needs offering help. You don't have to give much when you don't own that much.

I'm talking generally about anything you can give whether it's emotions, money, physical help, or anything. You can give a smile that turns a day of someone who is struggling emotionally into a non-imaginable pleasure.

That much of help may seem like a small act of kindness, but who knows what would be its effect like washing out someone's bitterness.



Dream Big

Anais Nin said, "Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country." Can you feel the freedom and strength in this quote? It tells you to dream freely and go where your imagination takes you without confusion.

Dream high as much as you can and always aim for the greatest. Dreamers are the richest ever. To live holding on to big dreams means your daily life will be influenced by how higher you want to reach. For that, believe me, you will not settle for any less. And for that, you will work sub-consciously to modify all your surroundings to match with your non-stop dreaming abilities.

Set your goals and allow them to take place. Plan for everything, have long-term goals and short-term ones. Read a lot about how to plan scientifically and how to make definite decisions about your life.

Make a lot of decisions to support these goals and feel free to fail in achieving them because this is how you will make stronger ones.

Accept your failures and face your fears with fewer complaints

Failure is part of the process of being successful. You don't have to fear failure. Instead, you have to face it taking your fear with you while preparing a strong will to overcome that fear. Don't try to distract yourself with evading responsibilities or blaming others or you will find yourself gaining more fear.

Weak people only find this option the easiest, therefore, they complain, cry loud, blame and get themselves busy looking for someone who takes the blame for them just to omit one failure from their life. This gets them nowhere but more weakness and more failures.

Success is failing times and times while learning new lessons and strategies until reaching the following progress. Accept it and believe that you are building a steady successful life with loads of priceless experiences.

Whatever kind of fears you are having, don't panic, it means you are moving forward while meeting new challenges. New fights bring along new victories just like they throw worrying fears into the battlefield. Knowing this is the first and the most important step to conquering fear.

Be positive

To be positive, you will have to develop a positive attitude towards daily events which are stressful most of the time. To be positive, you will need to grow good habits and affirmations to help you go through tough times. Being happy and in a good state, all the time is almost impossible.

There is a balance between good times and bad times and how to keep this balance into your favor is the closest to leading a positive life.

Make your surroundings a suitable environment to assist you in keeping that balance on the positive side. Make motivation dominates as you will always need continuous pushing power as an example, read about successful people, and how they reached their goals.

Stay close to people who bring out the best in you and make friends with those who have the ability to inspire you. In addition, you need to exercise and eat healthy food or do anything that makes you active and energized, this helps a lot in purifying your soul.

Never give up

Work hard as long as you are able to. Don't say it's a heavy burden because you are having hard times right now. Instead, think about those who have been through much more you than you can imagine yet they are persevering.

Certainly, it's not easy to lead a good and successful life, yet, it's absolutely worthy. We are all struggling in different ways. We are all trying to use various methods to survive. We are all heroes in our circles for persistently not giving up.

Never give up no matter how hard it gets or how exhausted you have become because miracles happen every day. They may be or on their way to you the moment you are about to give up.

Think about how far have you gone and rethink the purpose of starting from the beginning. Every sunset is followed by sunrise. There is no forever darkness.

There is always hope along the road of the journey, definitely strong believers can see it. Therefore, you must be powerful when it comes to believing.

Never give up because one beautiful life will be coming to You who hold on until the end. 

For daily quotes and motivation, make sure to click here to join my Facebook Group Positive Motivation.

The post Live Your Best Life Now appeared first on A Best Of Life.

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