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The Happy Rock
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The Happy Rock

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RSS Feed Debt Calculator Released and Ready For Users

The first release of the online debt calculator is ready for users. The idea is that you don’t need to download a debt reduction spreadsheet or some external program, you can visualize your debt destruction right in your web browser. Debts can be reordered by dragging them around in the list, you can see what happens when you add extra monthly payments, reorder debts using the debt snowball method of smallest balance, and more.  Full instructions are in the sidebar next to the debt calculator. With that said, I am looking for feedback. I am poised and ready to add [...]

Original content from The Happy Rock: Debt Calculator Released and Ready For Users

RSS Feed The Pain Of Taxes Without A Mortgage

I procrastinated filling taxes this year again…no big deal.  Late filing seems to be common practice for those of us who usually owe money each year.  The pain came when I received word that we need to file for extension and pay DOUBLE the normal amount to the fed and the state.   I was shocked.  I saved and paid quarterlies the same as I did the last five years and we got killed worse than normal.  Now I am trying to figure out what happened and recover. A Little History Every since we got married we have owed thousands of [...]

Original content from The Happy Rock: The Pain Of Taxes Without A Mortgage

RSS Feed The Happy Rock Redesigned, Repurposed, Revamped, Reimagined, and Revitalized

The title is over the top, but I am pretty excited.   I can’t call The Happy Rock revitalized until I actually start posting and investing in the community again, but that is my honest desire.  The blog has been languishing for almost two years, but now I am refreshed and ready to start taking action towards my goal.  A site rewrite was planned for a while and I finally pushed through it. Why Did I Do It? I had a few offers to sell The Happy Rock, but I choose to revamp The Happy Rock instead. I wasn’t ready to [...]

Original content from The Happy Rock: The Happy Rock Redesigned, Repurposed, Revamped, Reimagined, and Revitalized

RSS Feed ING Direct Will Start Allowing Paper Check Deposits By Scan….Now?

[Update 5-2-2012]  Almost a year and half after the initial signs of life, ING Direct finally released their long awaited remote check deposit by scan or by smartphone picture.  It is called CheckMate and works perfectly. I tested it over the  weekend by following the three step Checkmate wizard(on my Android phone) that walks you through what pictures to take and the check was deposited within minutes.   You can view ING’s “How CheckMate Works” video for exact details or read PT Money’s article on his experience. ING Direct is finally starting to show signs that depositing checks by scan and/or [...]

Original content from The Happy Rock: ING Direct Will Start Allowing Paper Check Deposits By Scan….Now?

RSS Feed Going To A 15 Year Fixed Mortgage

 With mortgage interest rates at amazing lows, I (Ed) figured now is the time for 15 year fixed rate refinance: I have a 30 year fixed rate mortgage with about 23 years and ~$156,000 left. With the 15 year fixed rate mortgages at about 3.7%, I have started to look into a refinance. My current mortgage 30 fixed Interest rate 5.875% Amount left $156,000 Years left 23 Monthly payment (principle & interest) $1010 Taxes 5k per year Total monthly payment (with PMI) $1,553 New mortgage 15 fixed Interest rate 3.875% Amount left $159,000 ($3000 for fees) Years left 15 [...]

Original content from The Happy Rock: Going To A 15 Year Fixed Mortgage

RSS Feed Crazy Saving with Coupons – “Pick Another Check-out Lane, Honey” Book Review

This post is about a book that was recommended to my wife called “Pick Another Check-out Lane, Honey(Affiliate Link)“.  The two authors cover their ingenious couponing method from soup to nuts.  My wife has just begun using this method and with the help of the Krazy Coupon Lady’s book and website, we’ve been saving lots of money at the grocery store. Chapter 1: “Save 50-90% at the grocery store“ How?  First, the couponing method laid out in the book instructs you to only use a coupon on a sale item to maximize savings.  You’d be surprised how much stuff you [...]

Original content from The Happy Rock: Crazy Saving with Coupons – “Pick Another Check-out Lane, Honey” Book Review

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