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Featured Blog Masala Chica
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Masala Chica

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Blog Directory ID Blog Directory ID: 13505
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Blog Description Blog Description: Masala Chica (Kiran Ferrandino) is a mother, professional, writer and singer. She finds it rather exhausting and blogs to avoid chugging wine by the bottle. She is Indian American and often writes about straddling two cultures, which is hard for her because she is NOT flexible. She does yoga, but it doesn't help (trust us). In Hindi, "Masala" means spicy, which is how Kiran likes her food. She believes the world would be a happier place if everyone would just eat one of her mother's samosas.
Blog Tags Blog Tags: Indian American - masala - marriage - immigrant - multi-racial - best mommy blog - parenting
Blog URL Related URL: Normal
The very real pregnancy experience of a family confronting having a baby with Downs Syndrome and a reaction to Ann Coulter's use of the "R" word.
Blog URL Related URL: About Masala Chica
Meet Kiran Ferrandino, the author of Masala Chica
Blog URL Related URL: Roll Away Your Stone
Finding inspiration in the music of popular band, Mumford & Sons, Masala Chica discusses overcoming the challenges of depression and embracing wellness.
Blog URL Related URL: Ann Coulter - I am Here For You
A timely response to conservative political figure Ann Coulter after her attack on Gay and Lesbian coming out day and her use or the word "retarded" in referring to President Obama over Twitter.
Blog URL Related URL: Try, Try Again
On trying to save a marriage, even when divorce seems like the only answer.
Blog Category Blog Category: Mommy Bloggers
Blog Owner Blog Owner: Kiran Ferrandino
Blog Added Blog Added: October 26, 2012 07:53:06 PM
Blog Audience Rating Audience Rating: General Audience
Blog Platform Blog Platform: WordPress WordPress
Blog Country Blog Country: United States United States
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Total Visits Total Visits: 2309Blog Rating Blog Rating: 3.11Rate Blog Rate Blog: Submit ratingReview Blog Review Blog (1)
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Masala Chica | Submitted Oct-27-2012 | Blog Reviewer Sheila Donaldson
I have been a big fan of this blog for a while now. Loved the Ann Coulter letter. Also like some of the stuff about marriage. Not your typical mommy blogger. Don't really know if this fits that category...

Rated as 5.00 out of 5
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